Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Love is in the air. Or maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s lust, 'friendship', or a rare yet exponentially growing case known as feb14 amnesia. We all have a love/hate relationship with this holiday... depending on our marital status. The bright side is, it's still an excuse to do something. Ie. force your significant other to spend an outrageous amount of dinero on jewels, receive and therefore eat obscene amounts of chocolate, sit alone in your apartment with a pint of Ben and Jer's watching romcoms, party hardy with your girls like it's 1999, or go to a mediocre dinner with your coworker that you just found out (through way of invite) has a crush on you. The power is in the hands of a woman this V-day season, per always. And that my friends, is the beauty of it all. The only hard part here is what to wear! So whether you’re single or attached, male or female, got a lunch date, dinner date or no date, you’re undoubtedly feeling the pressure that this hallmark holiday inevitably forces upon us. Whatever the case may be this year, throw that pressure and rulebook aside, 'cause we did the intensive labor work for you and put together some looks to help ease your nerves. Well except for the pint of Ben and Jer's gal. We figured you've got that covered. 

Tell us in our Comments box below... What's your V-day dress flare?

Hot Date Night 
You'll want to pull out all the stops on this one. LBD + killer heels + Colibri clutch = winning. Go easy with the eye and a vibrant lip for that 'come hither' look. 

Date Night... but like, don't want to try TOO hard

You're trying but like... he's not supposed to know how much. This leather crop and boyfriend jeans are just the ticket. Throw on his favorite perfume and gloss up those juicers... cause he'll be coming after you. Pair it with our Red Bolsa Mediana for that perfect pop of color.

Girls Night

Girls night... really, is there anything like it? Bust out that graphic tee and mini skirt cause if you're being true to yourself, you know you're on the prowl. Pair it with our Pacaya Mystic Crossbody for the extra dose of 'edge'.

The Group/Casual Date

Double date, triple date, a group of "singles"... this is the perfect outfit to be sexy without anyone thinking you actually care it's Valentines day. Pair it with our Luna Crossbody cause it just like completes the outfit, you know?

Weekend Getaway 

Well aren't you a lucky duck. Throw all your easy breezy "I'm going away for the weekend" clothes into our Blue Santa Fe Weekender. Oh, and don't forget the sunscreen.

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