Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Everyone's gotta have those essentials. Cause well, they're essential. Obvi.
Perfect-Fitting Jeans
There is nothing like a pair of jeans that hugs your body in all the right ways. Honestly, nothing. Unless you have to wear slacks to work, these are the pants you will probably spend the majority of your time in. So for heaven’s sake, let’s make sure they fit correctly. Have you ever bumped into a guy with mega hottie potential at the supermarket, only to look down and realize he’s wearing a light denim ultra-baggy jean, similar to the one your painter was wearing when renovating your house? Or the seemingly cool chick at work that wears “mom” jeans that really just give her a long grandma ass? Don’t be the victim of a bad jean. Luckily, these days, there is such thing as spandex that allows jeans to be stretchier than ever. Giving you that much desired 'spray paint on your body' look. Not for you? Needn't worry, there are a bunch of styles out there for all frames and comfort levels. Choose wisely. 
Sexy Pair of Heels 
Sexy heels do wonders for a woman. Like giving you that little boost of height that elongates your body just 1 inch closer to that of a runway model. Ok, maybe not runway, but you get it. Depending on your height, everyone has a different preference when it comes to the height of the heel. I know most of you tall girls don’t want to be a behemoth and tower over your love interest. We've all got to pick our battles and yours is unmistakably an unfair one. I, being 5’3”, prefer something of a Spice Girl height type platform heel. Whatever the height, own a pair that makes you feel the sexiest (kitten heels are shunned and do not apply). After all, that confidence boost is what really gets the attention. 
Comfortable Flats
Well, you’ll need these after a night of cutting a mean rug in the above. They weren't lying when they said beauty is pain. You also need a great pair of comfortable flats for a day of running errands, shopping, or anything that just involves a lot of walking or standing on your feet in general. It’s hard to go wrong here as flats are like the ugly step-sister... always second-place because the former isn't an option and/or available. If you think Crocs are an alternative... than we've got a whole plethora of issues on our hands. I'll send you my bill.  
Weekender Bag
Don’t you just dream of getting whisked away to a tropical island where nothing is expected of you other than bronzing your pale skin and enjoying one of those fancy adult beverages with the cool umbrella's near a body of water? Yeah, me too. While we all wait for that day to come, a weekender bag is perfect for any sort of weekend getaway. Whether it be a quick trip to a town an hour away or you just started dating this guy and you feel too embarrassed to actually pack up the suitcase you have laid out by your bed, the weekender allows you to throw in all those essentials while looking ridiculously put-together, fashionable and elusive all at the same time. We know the importance of the weekender here, so if you don't have one, we've got one for you in our Shop. You can thank me later. 
Leather Jacket
Don't you love those pieces that have dual roles? Like a leather jacket that will always, and I repeat always, make your outfit just that much better, whether it be fancy or casual. You can live in perma-sunny California or temperamental New York and your leather will never seize to disappoint. I know it can come with a hefty price tag but the bright side here is if you give it tender love and care, it could stay with you for a lifetime. Not even marriage can guarantee you that! 
Oversized Sweater
If you’re a woman with a pulse, which I’m guessing you are, you have those days where nothing you own fits and all you feel like wearing is a giant trash bag out of the house. Alas, let me introduce to you the oversized sweater. A little gift from the heavens for our apparently increasing (don't admit this to your boyfriend) “off-days.” Soft and light as a cloud… my mood is already improving.
Cocktail Dress
Real talk, I was recently invited to a wedding… [wait for it] …1 day before the wedding. I obviously accepted cause like... wedding's are too fun. I was frantically sweating bullets running through every single item in my closet that the bride and groom would deem suitable for their 'big' day. I mean, I wasn’t technically even invited to this thing so the pressure was on like donkey kong. Since I didn’t own anything that Grandpa Lou would approve of (ahem queen of bodycon), I had to call my girlfriend in sheer panic for a 9-1-1 style emergency and Fast and the Furious (too soon?) my way over to her house after work. You know, the thing that gets in the way of how I want to live my life everyday. Moral of this story is: you need to have that go-to dress if someone invites you to a fancy party at the eleventh hour. You can slap the person who invited you last minute later... first you need to prove that time is of no essence when it comes to looking fabulous. Naw mean?

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