Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Super foods, you know the deal...trendy foods with hard to pronounce names that are cultivated in far flung places of the world and end up at your local health food store. Super foods are much more than just trendy and exotic. Super foods provide a nutritional value far beyond than what you can get from your daily average foods. These foods are jam packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids... all of which help bring the body to a state of balance.
For the next 5 weeks I will feature a super food to inspire your healthy cravings for the week! The super foods to be featured are all favorites of mine and are also extremely easy to add to your daily diet.

ACAI (pronounced ah-sai-e) 
Is a popular superfood that you most likely have heard of or maybe have even tried while on vacation... I am going to give you the low down about all the crazy benefits that come with consuming this delicious berry. 
Acai berries come from the acai palm, native to Brazil. Unless you live in South America, you are are consuming acai that has been frozen or freeze dried in order to main potency.

Acai berries are packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Acai helps contribute to a healthy body with benefits like -- anti-aging effects for healthy skin, improves mental function, boots energy and helps with digestion. Your skin will glow if you regularly consume acai berries. They also prevent blood clots and improve your overall blood circulation, making your heart happy! 

Eating or drinking acai berries can help slow the process of aging. Acai berries can lead to increased overall levels of energy, helping you to battle evil fatigue and exhaustion.

Acai bowls and smoothies are always a great way to start your morning and boost your energy all day long!

My favorite acai bowl is topped with bananas, strawberries, granola, goji berries and hemp seeds.  Lucky for me, I consumed a lot of acai bowls during my Hawaii hiatus,  as this berry is very popular in the Aloha state. My favorite acai brand is Sambazon, they have easy to use smoothie packs found in most health food stores. A single packet is the perfect serving size to make a yummy smoothie or an acai bowl of your choice. 

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