Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Meet Tim. The magic and creative force behind the Meet The Makers video andDulce Vida Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook and video, When asked to do this interview, he quickly responded with “I'm never too busy to talk about myself!” I must say, my kind of interviewee. In addition to his work, what more to admire about this bloke than his undeniable sarcasm, genuine love for his wife, and willingness to flaunt a Weekender. But only if he were a touch more feminine, of course.

Full name and location: Tim Shephard, Living in San Francisco but born and raised in Sydney, Australia.
What do you do, and why is it cool? I make films and videos. I have the responsibility of doing justice to the beauty of a place, a person, a story or even a bag. It's such an immense thing to do to try to represent something in its best form. I love it.
How would you describe yourself in 3 adjectives? Sexy, virile, liar.
How would you describe your style in 3 adjectives? Shirtless, pantless, sock-based.
What item can you not leave the house without? My pooch, Lyla. 
What’s the most awkward date you’ve ever been on? I took this girl out and she was nagging me the whole time about what I was eating, what I was wearing, so I said 'This is honestly the last time I take you to McDonalds Mum'. 
Fill in the blank: In 2014, I’m going to... Jam creativity down your throat and push myself to get to the next level. To be honest I'm damn excited about it.
Tell us about the Stela 9 SS 2014 shoot! What was the inspiration? What was your favorite bag? We wanted to capture the free-spirit of Guatemala. I lived down there for about 9 months and have a deep love for the whole country. Stela 9 owner, Jess and I were just talking and brain-storming about what we love about Antigua, Guatemala and where we love. It was basically just an ode to how beautiful the place is and the people. The team is pretty incredible down there as well. Very open and welcoming. The model Erin was a babe and totally open to anything and was beyond cool to work with. It was easily the most fun I've had on a shoot. It was also easy to shoot because the bags and the environment go so well together. They're best friends. It's pretty amazing seeing traditional huipils repurposed into these beautiful bags. If I was more stylish and a little more feminine I would definitely rock one of those Weekenders.
Who or what inspires you? I get inspired by rad people doing rad things. I love seeing people take chances. It makes me want to take more chances.
What’s a typical Saturday night like for you? Drink until I try to get into my dog's crate. Then I know I've had enough.
What’s something you worked on recently that you’re super proud of? I loved working on the documentary, Meet The Makers,  for Stela 9. It was pretty amazing hearing the stories of the artisans and why they do what they do. 
What’s the most awkward thing that’s happened to you while filming/shooting? I stopped caring about the weird, awkward stuff I do a while ago otherwise I'd be a mess.
What’s your hidden talent? I can play the clarinet like a badass. 
Current favorite item in your closet? Chambray shirts 4 eva.
What is your style go-to? I just dress in whatever the Stela 9 team tell me to. But goddam do I love a pair of boots.
What’s the best pick-up line you’ve ever used/have gotten? I asked a girl to spoon with me once in Guatemala. I married her.
What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you? Are you nuts?!
What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about love? That for hundreds of years now philosophers, poets and writers with minds much smarter than mine have been able to define love and can barely conceptualize it. The most important thing I know about my love is that I give it to my wife Amy unconditionally and I will continue to do that with every force of my life until I no longer have the ability, or she leaves me for someone better.
What song always puts you in a good mood? 'Who let the dogs out'- then I imagine all those wacky dogs running around... ahhhh, so good!

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