Saturday, July 30, 2011

Impromptu Beach Camping

My boyfriend is still in Aussia Land so I took a little trip up to Carpinteria (just south of Santa Barbara and great for camping) with my sisters, mom and the boys.  The boys are my furry babies, Regalo and Gruner, that I brought back from Guatemala and first met at the animal shelter I volunteered at, Aware.  They've have never been to the beach before and they were amazed by the waves and sand.  It was hilarious to see their reactions.  We ended the night with an intense game of Yaniv and delicious grilled veggies.  I want to go every weekend now! 

The necessities: panama hat, karen walker glasses, mara hoffman suit, denim shorts, beach bucket bag, my grandfather's camera and a good read.


  1. Dog is very nice and your blogspot is ok :)

  2. Aww looks like you had an amazing time, I love the bucket bag in the first photo!


  3. oh my gossshh!!!! your doggies are ADORABLE! i really like the sunnies you're wearing too, super cute.

  4. great photos, that beach looks incredible and your dogs are beautiful!

    just checked out your store - amazing pieces! thanks for letting me know :)

    x Lauren

  5. Thank you! The boys love compliments!

    @Kokpeli Blue - We have the bags in our online store! They're amazing for. I started using mine every day instead of my heavy A.Wang Diego.