Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Get Natalie Off Duty's Painted Lady Outfit

Natalie Off Duty is one of our favorite go-to blogs for style inspiration. Her (and her equally fashionable sister Dylana) are the epitome of California bohemian beauty, mixed in with some tough-girl rocker influences. This year at Coachella the fashionable duo rocked the fashion scene with their rad style, reminding me a bit of Janis Joplin. Not only does this look work perfectly for a music festival, but for everyday wear too (maybe minus the painted arrows).

Get Natalie's look here: 

Painted Lady

Chaser top

Free people

Stela 9 strap bag

Linda farrow glasses

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stela 9 Style: What Do You Wear To The Beach?

Us Stela 9 girls are a lucky bunch. When we're not jetting the world looking for one-of-a-kind pieces we're relaxing in our hometown of sunny LA. We have everything at our disposal here - the beach, mountains, desert, and city are just a step away. While Jess prefers to spend her days hiking LA's beautiful mountains and spending time in Palm Springs, I choose to bum around Venice beach. I can't get enough of the hippie beach life (and Abbot Kinney has some of the raddest stores around). So which do you prefer? The serene desert or funky beach life? 

clockwise, l-r: Lisa Maree Crochet Bikini; One Teaspoon The Bonita Cutoffs; Stela 9 Pachamama Woven Bucket Bag; Missoni x Havaianas Sandals. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Rise and Shine: Tips For Waking Up Refreshed

Mornings are hard (especially after a booze-filled holiday). Being pulled away from the land of dreams only to wak to the reality of a busy bustling city is just cruel in our minds. But alas, there are ways you can rise and shine
Believe us, there is nothing we love more than sleeping in and ignoring our alarms, but sometimes it's absolutely necessary to wake up for a busy work-filled day. So instead of relying on that quad-shot latte from Starbucks to wake you up, take a peek at our tips for waking up and having an all together beautiful morning:

1. Create a morning routine.
If you start getting into certain habits and doing them every morning, it will be hard to stop. Write out a morning routine and make sure the first thing you do is something you love doing. Go ahead and hit snooze once but make sure you leave yourself enough time to enjoy the morning. Then, do something of your choice maybe even in bed still. Browse your favorite sites for a minute, watch a very short episode of a TV show, or read a book. Maybe look at a few blogs and get inspiration for your outfit that day. This will get you excited to get dressed. After you have done something relaxing that you enjoy you may feel a bit more ready to face the day and start the rest of your routine.

2. Good things to include in your routine:

  • YOGA
There is nothing like a few good yoga stretches to get your body moving in the morning. Pull out your mat (or even a towel), go outside or near a window, and stretch to your hearts content. We suggest starting out with a series of sun salutations, going through vinyasa a few times and doing some hip openers and back stretches.
For some beginner tips visit MindBodyGreen.

It's worth it. We promise. Obviously your eight hours can't always be squeezed in but if you start trying to get at least six to eight hours every night you will feel a million times better. To do this don't drink caffeine past the afternoon and exercise early in the day rather than later because it wakes your body up.

Nothing is better than breakfast and it's awesome when you have enough time to eat something you like and look forward to eating. A juice is a great idea. If you have a juicer you can get really into trying new delicious recipes and it's the perfect thing to put in your body to start the day. Or, you can eat something tasty that you really enjoy.

Make that morning shower super enjoyable with invigorating face washes and products like Perricone MD Citrus Facial WashFresh Brown Sugar Body Polish and Clean and Clear Morning Burst Body Wash.

Ok, so we understand there is nothing like your morning coffee, but maybe opt for green tea or  a refreshing juice once in a while. 
Stela 9 Pacaya Crossbody
Happy morning!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Stela 9 Summer Style Guide

Now that it is officially summer and you have most of your activities and events lined up you have to figure out what to wear. Here at Stela 9, we made a for what to wear with a few of our bags during your summer happenings.

When walking around town visiting farmer's markets and flea markets you want a bag that's practical, cute and not too heavy. Our Mini Pacaya provides you with the space for just the bare necessities you need for the afternoon. Wear a Brixton hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and a lovely Mara Hoffman maxi dress. Some flat gladiator sandals will keep your feet working as you walk through alleys of crafts or stroll along the boardwalk.
Summer Outfit Guide 1

Mara Hoffman multi colored maxi dress / Free People tall shoes / Stela 9 / Vanessa Mooney / Brixton

Ahhh, there is nothing like a festival. With the freedom to romp around and let yourself go wild you want a bag you don't have to worry about too much. The Stela 9 Ventura backpack is perfect for that. It will hold all of your festival needs and on your back it will stay out of the way as you dance. With a pair of overall shorts, some comfy Modern Vice booties for dancing, and plenty of gorgeous jewelry, you will be set to let loose. 
Summer Outfit Guide 2

Finally, time to travel. Wherever you might be going this summer, our Isabel Weekender can be packed tight with your travel goodies. Wear a hot jumpsuit like this Free People one and you will be comfortable and ready to go. 
Summer Style Guide 3

Free People jumpsuit / Isabel Marant ankle strap sandals / Stela 9 weekender bag / Vanessa Mooney jewelry / My Minds Eye TJ Mon cheri-baby girl quote: Scrapbooking Paper &...

Have fun this summer! We know we will!