Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 Bucket List

New Year’s is an excuse to make resolutions for the year, mainly consisting of the same variation of goals in pursuit of becoming a “better person” this coming year versus the last. Ie. work out, eat healthier, volunteer, bla bla. I, for one, am no exception to this... which explains why it took me 7 days to jump on the 'resolution post' bandwagon. It’s probably not an exaggeration when I say that one of my main resolutions for the past 6 years has been to work out daily and obtain that dream bod. Every year, well, life decides to happen and it throws me off my self-motivated tracks. Either starting dedicated as ever and then slowly tapering off due to whatever reason (working late/too hungover/lazy/etc.) or failing to start until like…… May, and only because I’ve been pummeled by the hard truth that the new bathing suit styles are running rampant and increasingly becoming smaller than ever. Are the new bikini bottom styles legit not thongs now? Anyways, I digress. I figured changing up the notion in my head might help in actualizing these yearly to-dos. A bucket list, rather than resolutions, might be the problem solver; although deep down I'm not afraid to admit to myself that these terms are interchangeable. Whatevs, I'm here in Antigua for an undetermined amount of time and would feel regretful as h-e-double hockey sticks if I didn’t take advantage of certain luxuries afforded here. Therefore, here is a short list of things I plan to do in 2014.
I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie and feel the most alive and in the momentafter doing something that gets the adrenaline pumping. Like the times I've been skydiving or cliff jumping. Or even an intense roller coaster ride. Antigua has some amazing options… so boom, it’s happening. And soon.

Get a tattoo 
Being an indecisive person, I never thought I wanted a tattoo. Mainly because I couldn’t name one thing that I could imagine liking forever. The thought of any sort of thing in a permanent state sends shivers up my spine… let alone imprinted on my body until my last waking breath. Heck, more times than not I can’t even figure out what I want to eat for dinner. #commitmentissues. But 2014 is the time to face that fear head on… #SORRYMOM. Plus, what a better person to get my first tattoo with other than the ever-so-talented Luis at Antigua Tattoo.

Continue on the traveling road 
Deciding to quit my corporate job and move to Guatemala was once of the best decisions I could have made for myself. There is so much history and beauty to be seen in Guatemala alone... and I need to see it. If I had the balls, I would travel through Central America alone, but I don’t. Maybe I’ll think about it for next year's list. #syke. Who am I kidding. So now what also coincides with this to-do is finding a friend who’s down for the ride. Who’s in? 

Try a new recipe at least 1x a week
I’ve never been much of a cook for a variety of reasons I won’t bore you with. I have to become a real woman and master chef in the kitchen eventually (whatever that means) and learn to cook delicious meals that will please the masses. They do say that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach... so guess that can’t hurt either. #startingslow

Find a work out I can’t live without
Like what I did there? Since “working out everyday” hasn’t exactly been the mind warp that has benefitted me, 2014 is about testing different work outs until I find one that hooks me for life...  and brings me that dream bod I mentioned earlier. Yaya health is a big factor, but let's face it, superficiality is at the forefront here. It's time I rock at least 1 of the 30 Brazilian bottoms I own like it's my job. Besides, I’m going to need to if I want to…

Hike a Volcano 
I mean, this sounds hard so I better stick to my guns on the above here. I was fortunate enough to see Fuego erupt while watching the meteor shower in December. 40+ shooting stars = aweeeeeesomeness! Now it’s time to get my outta-shape tush up and moving and witness this earthly wonder in action… up close and personal. 

Do something outside of my comfort zone 
I’ve always been reserved in nature, needing some time to open up and become comfortable. #bornthisway. I already started working at this resolution this year when I was approached to become a bartender at one of our favorite bars in town. I was beyond nervous so I knew I had to do it. I know you’re thinking, “bartending, how hard can it be?” but I had a couple reasons for my untamable nerves… one including not speaking Spanish. I managed to get through it, and despite some of the awkward moments, had a good time in the interim! So here’s to 2014 and more uncomfortable moments. Now about that Spanish….

Learn Spanish
I would be a fool to leave Antigua and have no basic capability of speaking the language.  Especially given how this would be incredibly beneficial back in California. I’ve been a slacker (with good reason most of the time, promise) so now’s crunch time. I vow to meet Marvin, my patient tutor, for a few hours a week in order to work on mi español. Helps that he laughs at my jokes. Salud!

Do something philanthropic 
Another plus of living in Antigua is the amount of causes I can contribute my time to. Fortunately, this isn’t limited to here, as there are plenty of places in this part of the world or back home. Time to give back. Besides, my Yogi tea tells me today that “the art of happiness is to serve all.” #truth

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