Tuesday, March 18, 2014


It's a gorgeous day in Antigua; the sun is shining bright, the sky is an impeccable shade of powder blue and the clouds are like fluffy cotton-balls strategically placed as if it were a painting from your favorite artist. It almost feels like a crime to not take advantage of days like these and bask in all the gloriousness that is nature. Respectively, we decided it was the perfect occasion [excuse] to utilize this freely given gift the best way we could on a work day: an outdoor lunch. Naturally, it didn't take long for us to all quickly agree on one of our favorite spots in town. Sabe Rico. 
What is there not to love about this place. It's ambience is second to none with a quaint outdoor setting full of lush trees, flowers, singing birds, and color seating. Anywhere that encourages you to relax and enjoy already has my vote but it's the fresh and delicious menu that keeps us all coming back for more. All 10 pages of it. Sabe Rico is actually Spanish for 'tastes good'... and tastes good it does! Whether you're in the mood for a sandwich and cerveza (which they took the liberty of matching for you), leafy greens, carb city, or a wine smoothie (kept the best for last), there is something for whatever your heart and stomach desires. I opted for a chicken sandwich, while my two vegetarians opted for a salad and pasta. 
We talked clothes and boys (per usual) over lemon soda's and ice tea's and left feeling satisfied, fulfilled and rejuvenated. It's the simple things in life, right? Until the next time.

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