Tuesday, March 18, 2014


In continued effort of my 2014 bucket list, I had to honor my "find a work out I can't live without" goal and try out the spin class at the Antigua Gym. I've only taken a spin class at a yoga studio back home that combines 30 minutes of spin with 30 minutes of yoga. Although I didn't know what I had in store for me with an hour's work of it, I did know the basics. My tush was going to be very, I mean very, sore the next day. Oddly enough, this kind of excited me. You know the feeling of being sore and uncomfortable, but openly loving it because you know you just worked your butt off. 
Annie and Maria decided to join me, as Annie had never taken any kind of spin class before. Boy, wasn't she in for a treat! We arrived about 25 minutes early to ensure we had bikes next to each other... and cause we're punctual weirdos like that. Our instructor walked in, and my mind and body prepared itself for what was about to come. Did I mention the class is in Spanish?  Annie and I, being limited in our español lingo, did the best we could, sneaking inconspicuous side peeks at Maria and following her lead every time the instructor yelled something out.
Tiesto was blasting on the speakers, and we had a flat screen TV in front of us playing his actual set in Copenhagen. I just imagined I was there amongst the crowd, fist pumping and dancing away, and before I knew it, we had 10 minutes left of class and the instructor had us jumping off our bikes to do squats and the running man. My legs were wobbling and I thought for sure I was going to timber in any given direction at any given moment. Needless to say I did not, and I was very thrilled I didn't publicly humiliate myself on day 1. 
All in all, it was a great success! We've aligned our schedules and vow to go 3x per week [4-5x if we're feeling especially ambitious]. Oh and guess what, the tush-- not so bad today! Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon. Cheers all!

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