Monday, June 3, 2013

Astrological Musings, June 3-9

We have found ourselves once again in the month of the Gemini. Mercury is the ruling planet this month, taking hold of all signs and setting in motion the principles of communication, adaptability, mentality, rationality and reasoning. It allows for clarity, inspiring creativity and motivating career moves and success in all signs. Mercury specifically rules over the Gemini's of May and June, reflecting Gemini's vivacious, curious and inconstant nature. Continue reading for this week's Gemini horoscope.

May 21–June 20
Clever Mercury and captivating Venus each form a harmonious triangle (called a grand trine) this week with dreamer Neptune and planner Saturn in your work sectors, making it easier to put things together in your head. Consider how you can best maximize your talents and execute a detailed plan to fulfill your most meaningful ambitions. Think about combining creativity and realism in your career to improve your finances and strengthen your self-worth. Look at your current resources and your list of top wants and see if you can better align those with work methods that will enable you to reach an elusive goal. Be mindful of your words and actions, though, as both Mercury and Mars are sparring with other planets. Make sure not to divulge someone else’s business or get too aggressive at work. The new moon in Gemini gives you a full head of steam, but thinking and getting in touch with your truest desires are more effective than doing something you might have to fix later. Ponder where you want to go from here and let friends or group activities boost your enthusiasm.
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For everyone it is a good month to get in touch with your deepest feelings, get ambitious and start making your dreams a reality. Maybe clean your home for a fresh open space that welcomes new ideas or start that project today that you have been putting off forever. What better day to begin than a Monday?

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