Thursday, June 13, 2013

Homage to the Queens

We watched all of their videos and knew all of their songs. We pined to win contests to meet them on cruise ships. We learned everything we needed to know about being cute, sneaky, stylish and getting boys to talk to us. We grew up with them. From Full House, to their Adventure series, to such hits as Winning London, Billboard Dad, and A New York Minute, they are the queens and now full-fledged fashion icons in the front row of every runway show, with booming labels like The Row and Elizabeth & James. They are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and today is their 27th birthday. Makes you feel old huh? Somehow it feels like just yesterday we were sitting in front of the TV obsessing over one of their films and trying to copy that feathered hair, bandana look they had down so well. Now Mary-Kate is the boho grunge girl of our dreams and Ashley has her look together like no one else. We google pictures of them when we don't know what to wear. We follow their labels religiously. They are Karl Lagerfelds sweethearts, they are America's sweethearts and they are all grown up. This is our homage to the twin queens of the fashion world: Mary-Kate and Ashley.

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