Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mermaid Hurrr DIY

For the past year or so I've been a little obsessed with all the hair inspirations on tumblr.  I'm too nervous (and I don't want to add to my split ends) to bleach my whole head and really commit to full color coverage.  Instead I've been playing around with dip dying in different colors.  I tend to always use manic panic because it washes out so easily and I feel like I don't have to keep the look for too long if I don't like it.  If you want something that last longer, I would use a more permanent dye. This look is a little more complicated than a simple dip dye but can still be pulled off in a few hours at home.   

Image via tumblr

What you will need:
-Manic Panic Hair Dye (I used Atomic Turquoise and After Midnight)
-An application brush*
-Aluminum Foil
-Plastic Gloves

*I got my brush from a bleach kit. If you have darker colored hair, you may need to bleach the part that you want to dye so the color comes out true to its intended hue!

BEFORE  (yellow looks so good on me)                

1. Separate your hair into small sections. If you want to make sure the ombre is a consistent height, tie the sections off with rubber bands.
2. Place a sheet of aluminum foil under a section of hair.
3. Apply the Atomic Turquoise to the top portion of the hair with the application brush.
4. Rinse the brush.
5. Apply the After Midnight to the bottom portion.

6. After you have thoroughly applied the dye, fold the foil over the section of hair (look below). Obviously folding foil neatly is not my forte.
7. Repeat steps 2-6 for each section of hair until it is all dyed. 

8. Let the dye set in for 45-60 minutes. 
9. Rinse your hair until the water runs clear.
10. Blow dry and style.
11. Voila, you have beautiful mermaid hair!



  1. Duuuude I am so jealous of your hair, it is not even funny. Awesome diy :)